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George Street-NL

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Mar. 10th, 2004 @ 02:14 am
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<center><font face="Academy Engraved LET"><font color="red"><font size="12"><b>UMM</b></font>
<font face="Calisto MT"><font size="5"><font color="black">Urban Male Magazine</font>
<font face="Dutch801 XBd BT"><font size="6"><font color="black"><font size="+6">Presents:</center></font>

<center><font face="Kelt"><font size="+6">THE ULTIMATE</font>
<font face="Academy Engraved LET"><i><b><font color="red"><font size="+10">College Girl</b></i></font>
<font face="Kelt"><font color="black"><font size="+6">CONTEST</center></font>

<font face="Calisto MT"><font size="3">Happening at our very own <font color="red"><font size="4"><b>BENDERS ON GEORGE.<font size="3"> Live March 13, 20, and 27</b>

<font color="black">Come and feast your eyes on these <i>beautiful</i> <b>Canadian</b> babes.Be entertained, enlightened, and see beauty at its finest. The first 100 guests will receive a free 1 year subscription to <b><font color="red">UMM</b><font color="black">. Come out for a great night and get your picture taken with the <b><font color="red">UMM</b> <font color="black">babes.

<font face="Amaze"><font size="7">Ladies,</font><font size="3"><font face="Calisto MT">don’t miss your opportunity to win great prizes and get your picture in <font color="red"><b>UMM</b><font color="black">. To enter or for more information contact: editor@umm.ca.

Visit <font color="red"><font size="4"><b>BENDERS (St.John’s, NL) March 13, 20 and 27.</b><font size="3"><font color="black"> Winners from each city will participate in the national finals to be held in Toronto at <font color="blue">The Ultimate Guys Show (April 23-25: Exhibition Place)<font color="black">

More information is available @ <a href="http://www.umm.ca/contests">UMM</a>

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Mar. 10th, 2004 @ 01:08 am
So I went downtown on Friday night, cuz I naively thought I'd be able to get in to see Pilate on the door. I'd been working all week, so I figured I'd just pay a little extra and not have to go outta my way to get a ticket. Of course, it was sold out, so me and my friends drowned our disappointment in vodka-based drinks on the couches at the Attic... drowned and drowned and drowned. Did I end up sleeping with you? I hope not.

Did anyone get to see the show? Please tell me it sucked, or else I'll be crushed :/

X-Posted in newfoundland
Current Mood: Disheartened
Current Music: Pilate - Melt into the Walls

Welcome! Mar. 9th, 2004 @ 10:16 pm
Welcome to George Street (on Livejournal) ! This is the place in St.John's Newfoundland where all the magic happens. Tune in to find out great info about what's happening, how you can take part. Post about the good times, and the bad. Mainly, just have fun!
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